At Work New Zealand we are the gap year experts!  With over 20 years’ experience and having assisted over 80,000 working holiday travelers from all around the globe have successful gap years in New Zealand it is no wonder we are the number one choice for backpackers in NZ. Whether before, during or after your NZ gap year our expert NZ team are here every step of the way.

We offer more support, more guidance than any other program in NZ – that’s why we are the experts!

Year round support

Our office in Auckland is your home base! You will have access to the free wifi, computers, printer, phones, job listings, travel desk for the entire time you are in New Zealand!

Job Support

We work with some of NZ’s biggest employers. Whether you are hoping to pick fruit, work in the adventure tourism industry or do some farm work we have you covered!

Employment hiring fairs              

We offer employment hiring fairs where you can meet and interview with some of NZ’s best tourism employers! You can walk from our job fair days with a job in hand.

Exclusive Jobs Database

Once a member of the Work NZ program you will have access to our exclusive online jobs database. Here you will find jobs from all over NZ! With over 20,000 jobs listed annually finding work has never been so easy.

Travel Support

As a part of the Work New Zealand program you will have acess to exclusive travel discounts through our travel desks! Want a bungee jump in Queenstown, hit some grade 4 white water rapids in Rotorua, jump on an adventure bus to meet other travellers… we’ve got you covered!

Accommodation Assistance

Whether you want to live in Auckland, work for accommodation in Queenstown or maybe even WOOF in the South Island we’ve got you covered! We’ve got contacts and leads across the country, plus expert knowledge to let you know how to find accommodation and when.

24 Hour Emergency Support

If something goes wrong, don’t worry as we are here to help. We’ve got a 24 hour emergency line to ensure you can reach out if you need help with anything.

Kiwi Team

Our team is made up of entirely locals! Our crew is dedicated to ensure you have the best time in New Zealand. Being that we are all NZ locals, we’ve got all the insider knowledge when it comes to NZ. Surf breaks, secluded beaches, amazing bush walks… as the locals; we know because we go!

+20 Years’ Experience

Established way back in 1996 (were you even born?!?), we’ve been assisting travelers have amazing gap years for over 20 years! That’s over 80,000 happy backpackers!

Arrival Centres In The North And South Island

Our main arrival centre is located in Auckland, but we also have another arrival centre in Christchurch. Whether you are exploring the North or South Island you will have access to both our resource centres

Unlimited Free Wi-Fi

Both of our offices in New Zealand are equipped with free wifi and computers! Pop into the office to look for work, Skype home (let mom know you are ok) or just surfing the net on a rainy day.

Weekly Social Events

Meeting people has never been easier on the Work NZ program. We host weekly pub meets, movie nights, walking tours, and outdoor activities making meeting people easy as!

Amazing Add-ons!

Want to become a professional barista, learn how to bartend, maybe pick up surfing with a skills course upon arrival… we’ve got amazing add-ons allowing you to up skill upon arrival! Whatever you want to do we can help!

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