Travelling in Canada

Can I travel anywhere in Canada?
Yes the Canadian Working Holiday visa allows you to travel anywhere within Canada!

Can I visit the US while in Canada?
Yes, the working holiday visa for Canada is multiple entry so you can come and go as you. You will need a visa to visit the US and that is something we can assist you in obtaining before you leave NZ.

Can I travel with my friend/partner?
Yes you can travel with a friend or partner. When you apply for the program, just let us know your travel plans and we will make it happen.

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes you will need travel insurance while you are in Canada for your entire intended stay.

Will I have the opportunity to meet other people on the program before I leave?
Absolutely! We have a closed Facebook group where you can meet your fellow travellers all before you leave NZ. This is a great way to ask questions, meet future flat mates as well as see what others are doing in Canada.

Can I drive in Canada on my license?
You can drive in Canada on your NZ license for up to 3 months. It is recommended that you get a international drivers license before you leave. Once in Canada it is best to check with the Province you are residing in to learn more about the local licensing laws.