Summer Camp USA Terms & Conditions

Program Agreement

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the relevant Summer Camp USA pages on IEP New Zealand Ltd’s (‘IEP’) website I agree that my application and participation in the Summer Camp USA program shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions. In addition, I understand and agree that if my application is accepted and I am then placed at a camp, I will:
a. Enter into an employment contract with the camp,
b. Abide by and be bound by the camp’s rules and staff policies
c. To the best of my abilities fulfil the terms of both the spirit and the letter of the camps contract and policies
d. To the best of my abilities fulfil the terms of the Exchange Visitor Program J-1 visa.

A. Program Fee and Program Conditions
The 2017 program fees are payable in three parts as follows:

Application Fee:
NZD$50 for Applications to 31 October 2016
NZD$100 for Applications from 1 November 2016 to 31 January 2017
NZD$150 for Applications from 1 February 2017 until the program closes

Acceptance Fee:
The Acceptance Fee (NZD$250) is payable upon acceptance of completed application or attendance of Camp Fair, whichever comes first.

Placement Fee:
The Placement Fee (NZD$450) is payable upon placement at camp and receipt of a job offer. This covers the medical insurance coverage, visa application support and SEVIS fee costs as below.

The medical insurance coverage is a compulsory component of the program and is mandatory for all participants under the US government visa regulations. As a part of my placement fee I will be provided with a medical insurance policy for the duration of my camp contract. Should I require insurance coverage outside of these dates for the grace period I agree to purchase this separately through IEP or InterExchange at my own cost.

Program Conditions:
1. I understand that in order to travel to the United States, I will need a valid passport and I agree to obtain one at my own expense before 1 May 2017.
2. In order to work legally as a camp counsellor in the United States I must process my DS-2019 visa sponsorship form at a US consulate in New Zealand (Auckland) once IEP has given it to me. I understand that I will have to attend a personal interview at a US consulate, at my own expense. The US government applies separate charges for this process and I agree to pay these costs (approximately USD$270 subject to change), and any additional or new fees which the US government imposes. Further, I understand that US government fees are non-refundable even if my visa is denied by the US consulate.
3. I understand that I must, at my own expense, obtain a New Zealand police background check. This must be provided to IEP before 1 May 2017 and must not be dated before 31 July 2016.
4. I understand that before I can be placed into a position at a camp I must complete a full InterExchange Camp USA application and pay my Acceptance Fee and agree to complete this and my interview within one month of applying for Summer Camp USA (although applications received before 1 November must complete this process no later than 31 December).
5. I agree to undergo a medical examination at my own expense and provide the results to the camp using either the camps medical form or one provided to me by IEP.
6. If I agree to obtain qualifications (e.g. Bronze Medallion, CPR, etc.) as a condition of my camp contract, I agree to complete the relevant course(s) before my scheduled program departure from New Zealand and at my own expense (unless otherwise agreed with the camp).
7. I understand my attendance and participation in a pre-departure orientation training session is a US government requirement and I agree to attend one of IEP’s scheduled sessions which are held at IEP’s Auckland office.
8. The sum of between US$650 and US$950 (or up to US$200 if applying as a direct placement) is due to InterExchange to cover the IEP and InterExchange costs of recruiting and placing me at camp, visa processing, and summer administration and support. This sum will normally be paid directly to InterExchange by the camp and will not affect my agreed camp salary.
9. I am responsible for the cost of my round-trip airfare to the United States and to the specific airport required by the camp or IEP/InterExchange (see C below). It is a condition of the program that I purchase my airfares with IEP’s in-house travel agent (STA Travel).

B. Cancellation Policy

I understand and agree to the following cancellation penalties, refunds and conditions:

Application Fee
a. Cancellations within 7 days of application will be subject to a full refund of the Application Fee paid.
b. Cancellations more than 7 days of application but prior to acceptance on the program will be subject to a refund of the Application Fee paid less a NZD$50 administration charge.
c. There will be no refund of the Application Fee paid for cancellations after acceptance on the program if the Acceptance Fee has not been paid.

Acceptance Fee
a. Cancellations after the Acceptance Fee has been paid but before placement at a camp will be subject to a partial refund of NZD$50 of the Acceptance Fee i.e. Acceptance Fee paid NZD$250 less cancellation fee NZD200
b. Cancellations after the Acceptance Fee has been paid and after placement at a camp will not be entitled to any refund.

Placement Fee
There will be no refund of the Placement Fee paid for cancellations after placement at a camp.

1. If I withdraw from the program after receiving a DS-2019 sponsorship form I must immediately return this form to IEP together with my written cancellation.
2. IEP will then return the DS-2019 sponsorship form to the program sponsor.
3. All applications which result in the applicable visa being declined for whatever reason will be deemed as cancelled and will not be eligible for a refund. Applicants acknowledge that a decline of visa can be attributed but not limited to applicants being previously arrested by police, having criminal convictions (including drink driving), being charged for an offence but not necessarily convicted and having significant medical/mental history/condition.
4. Cancellations and refunds of goods and services which are provided by suppliers other than IEP (airfares, airport transfers, accommodation, visas etc) will be at the discretion of the relevant suppliers and subject to the conditions set by those suppliers.
5. IEP reserves the right to cancel my application if any of the eligibility and program conditions are not met in full.
6. IEP reserves the right to cancel my application if I do not complete the full application process within one month of registering (or before 31 December 2016 for applications before 1 November 2016).
7. IEP reserves the right to cancel my application if I do not maintain communication with IEP and respond to messages or emails within a timely manner.
8. In the event that IEP cancels my application due to non-communication from me or not completing my application in a timely manner I understand I will not receive a refund of my program fees as per the cancellation terms relevant to the stage of my application.
9. A full refund may be provided if I have not been placed at camp by 1 June 2017. If I agree to wait beyond this date for a placement, this cancellation condition will extend to the new deadline.
10. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of your placement offer letter I may be entitled to a refund.
11. All cancellations must be made in writing to IEP before any refund is approved.

C. Departure from New Zealand and Travel to Camp

1. I understand and agree that I may not depart from New Zealand as a program participant unless and until I have:
a. Received a camp placement
b. Processed my J-1 visa at the US Consulate
c. Attended a pre-departure orientation training session
d. Paid all my outstanding program monies owing to IEP
e. Signed and returned any camp contract sent by my camp
f. Booked my flight to arrive at the US city specified by IEP/InterExchange at the date and time noted on the Interexchange website/placement information
g. Provided IEP with a copy of my travel itinerary to/from the United States
2. If my camp asks me to travel onwards to camp from the specified arrival airport, I agree to negotiate directly with the camp regarding such arrangements, including reimbursement of any costs if applicable.
3. I understand that under no circumstances may I choose to fly standby.
4. I understand that I must have a ticket out of North America, and must exit with 30 days of my camp contract end date.

D. Salary and Agency Fee

1. I understand that upon satisfactory completion of my camp contract, my gross salary will be US$1,750 if I am 21 years old or over, US$1,650 if I am 19 – 20 years old, US$1,450 if I am 18 years old. Note, the salary is subject to change at any time and is out of IEP control. I further understand that the camp will pay a fee (“Agency Fee”) of between US$650 to US$950 (or up to US$200 for direct placements) direct to InterExchange to cover the IEP and InterExchange costs of recruiting and placing me at the camp, visa processing, US arrival and summer administration and support.
2. If for any reason I fail to complete my camp contract, I will incur a financial penalty and I will become liable for payment to InterExchange or IEP, on demand, of any part of the Agency Fee which is not paid by the camp due to my non-completion of my camp contract. I understand that my gross salary will be pro-rated according to the time I have worked at camp, and that I will receive any balance of that pro-rated amount after the deduction of the balance of the unpaid Agency Fee and any salary I have already received. I understand that, depending on how much of my contract I have completed, this may result in me owing money to InterExchange or IEP which I must pay immediately upon being advised the amount. I further understand that, if I fail to arrive at camp on the agreed date, I will be liable for payment to InterExchange, on demand, the full InterExchange fee and non-completion fees of up to US$900.

E. Personal Responsibility Statement and Indemnity

I agree to conduct myself ethically at all times while in the USA as a participant on the Summer Camp USA program before, during and after my time at camp. I agree to abide by the terms of the Exchange Visitor Program J-1 visa. I agree to accept full financial responsibility for any personal expenses as well as any expenses incurred by the camp, InterExchange, IEP or any other party as a result of any action or inaction on my part, including but not limited to breach of this agreement, breach of any camp rule or policy, misbehaviour or illegal act.

F. Declaration

I certify that my Summer Camp USA application and attachments are a true reflection of my personality, maturity, skills, qualifications and experience and that I have not omitted any facts that would be relevant to my suitability to live and work with children as a role model and counsellor or obtain a visa to the USA. I agree to notify IEP immediately if circumstances change between now and June in such a way as to alter any of my answers on the application form. I understand that the J-1 visa is a short-term visa and that I am only permitted to remain in the United States until the date specified by IEP/InterExchange. I have no intention of remaining in the United States beyond that date. I have read this Agreement in full and understand it. I also agree and accept that during the course of my programme application I will be providing IEP with personal information which is required for the application process and may also be shared with third party organisations for marketing purposes. I agree to the Terms and Conditions set out above. Further, I agree that any dispute arising from this Agreement will be adjudicated under New Zealand law and in New Zealand