With the help of the Work New Zealand team finding a job in New Zealand is pretty easy! We’ve been helping working holiday travelers find work for over 20 years, so we know what we are taking about. Before you even start the job hunt with us we will ensure you are legally able to work in New Zealand as well as arranging your tax file number and bank account.

New Zealand CV

You next step is to create a killer New Zealand CV, and once again we’ve got you covered. We’ve got loads of templates for you to use, so whether you are looking for causal, farm or professional work we will ensure your CV is looking mint! The New Zealand CV may be different from your’s back home, so with our guidance you will quickly and easily create a CV Kiwi employers love. The Work New Zealand team will also review your CV to make sure there are no errors so you can find work quickly!

Arrival Orientation

Upon arrival you will attend our Work New Zealand orientation which covers all you need to know about finding a great job in New Zealand! This arrival orientation will kick start your job searching ensuring a smooth gap year in NZ!

One-on-One Consultation

Maybe you want to work in a the same industry you did back home or try a new type of work (get some gum boots and become a farmer), either way at our office we offer one-on-one consultations to give you the lowdown on the New Zealand job market! Our expertise will get you that job in no time!

In-office Employment Boards

We’ve got an up to date job board in our office where you can find a snap shot of some of the best backpacker jobs in New Zealand! We break into each region so you can work your way around this beautiful country!

NZ Employment Experts

We work with some of the biggest and best recruitment companies in New Zealand! They regularly come to our office to provide consultations and presentations to our participants. We also work with a variety of working hostels around the country to help land that seasonal work on a farm or orchard.

Amazing Resources

Our office is equipped with new computers, free WiFi, printers, and a phone. As a Work New Zealand member you will have access to all of these resources for the entire time you are in New Zealand!

Local Kiwi Staff

The team is local and we know when and where all the work is… whether you want to work at a ski resort, pick fruit, gain some career experience in New Zealand there is a good time to find every kind of work! Let us help you on your searches.

Employment Guides

As a part of the Work New Zealand program you will have access to our expert guides that will help you find work. You will find loads of useful tips and information about finding employment in NZ.


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